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6 Benefits of Using A Postcard To Promote Your Small Business

Though most businesses tend to focus on digital marketing to promote their business these days, an old tried-and-true method like a mailed postcard can deliver a forgotten charm to potential customers.  Postcards have a higher “read rate” than other direct mail pieces because they can be read at a glance without opening an envelope.  Plus postcards are a low-cost sales tool to promote new products, services and offers to a targeted audience.

1. If you turn your postcard into a response card you could also get your customers to refer friends. This could help to double your number of clients.

2. Promoting a brand event such as a charity drive with postcards will encourage customers to drop by your business.

3. You can choose the products you would like to highlight on your postcard. You can also include a coupon for the event.

4. People are inclined to stick postcards on their refrigerators. This creates repetition and serves as a reminder of your brand every time they go to the kitchen.

5. A postcard can introduce new services or products to your loyal customers.

6. Postcards are the best way to generate leads and target accounts for your business.

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Inkjet or Laser: How to Pick the Right Printer for Your Business

There are a couple of major differences between an inject printer and a laser printer. Which printer you may prefer depends upon what you need to print.

Inkjet Printers
An inkjet printer is the best choice for color printing. It uses minute jets of ink to produce full color hard copy onto the paper. Inkjet printers are quite affordable, with the cheapest inkjet printers priced at $60-$70. Also, if you need to consider fitting a new printer into a smaller space then an inkjet printer is your better option.

Laser Printers
A laser printer, linked to a computer, uses a laser to form the hard copy onto paper. Laser printing is unbeatable for printing black and white text pages. It can print up to twenty pages per minute. Inkjets are much slower. It is important to know that if you are printing smaller text then lasers are superior to inkjets. The laser technology lends itself to the curves and dots of smaller text.

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Tips for Large Format Printing

Your company wants to have maximum visibility at large trade shows or large exhibit events. What better way to gain visibility than with a large poster or banner? If you are trying to really make an impact then we have a few simple tips that you should keep in mind before you go to press.

1. Create a focal point

Do not try to cram in too much information. The key is to decide what your message is going to be. If brand visibility is your goal then the logo should prominent. If you are trying to impress people with an offer make an attention-grabbing headline the focal element followed by your brand.

2. Use vector graphics

Do your logos or text look blurry? It is important that all type is rasterized and saved as Vector.  Vector files produce the sharpest printed results. 

3. Mind your resolution

While vectors are the obvious choice for logos, icons and text, there are some instances where they are not suitable, and photography is one of those cases. When you absolutely need to use an image you must ensure that the resolution is high enough. So how much is enough? The general rule of thumb is 200-300 dpi. Keep in mind you cannot just add resolution to a poor quality image - the source must be of high quality. 


Printing Brochures on a Budget

It is important to print the brochure on paper to fit your needs.  Are you mailing the brochure?  Or are you going to have them on display at a trade show?

Generally, the heavier paper stocks and paper will be pricier to print and also mail.


Page size & No. of pages
It is important to consider whether your brochure will be a tri-fold or a booklet?  If you are considering a booklet, you will need to consider binding options?  We can discuss fold options if you prefer a folded brochure.


But before reducing the pages of your brochure, do not compromise on the size of the text.  It is important that the text is still easy to read.

Quite obviously, reducing the number of pages or size of your brochure will have an effect on cost but avoid the temptation of cluttering pages with information to save money – chances are that your messages won’t be clear.


Select artwork carefully.  The Print Source can give suggestions on improvements for the best print-ready results.


We can rush print orders to meet your company’s deadline.  But consider allowing time for printing to avoid extra costs of rush orders.



Print Marketing Statistics Prove Direct Mail Marketing Is Here To Stay

1. Print is Tangible - More than half of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. Physical mail provides something that is real and tangible.

2. Print is Personal - 7 out of 10 Americans report that they find direct mail advertising more personal. Direct Mail can be personalized to the consumer with a form letter that has the addressee’s name. 

3. Printed Mail is Opened Daily - 98% of the population opens their mail that day, unlike an email that may get lost in a spam folder and not opened for a few days or not all.  Your time sensitive marketing campaign is made easy to plan and execute.

4. Brand Recognition Value in Print - Every time the potential customer sees your marketing material they will remember who you are.  A printed reminder of your business logo or name helps to increase your company’s brand recognition.

5. Print Can Contain References to Electronic Media - Print marketing can integrate QR codes, NFC technology, and other innovative techniques in their printed materials. These references can help consumers find your website with a full detailed view of your business, products, and services.


Tips for Effective Direct Mail Marketing

Direct-mail marketing can be a successful marketing tool. The key to success is in the approach and your marketing plan.  Below are seven tips you should consider to plan a successful direct-mail marketing campaign.

1. Get a list
It is important to know your target audience for direct mailers. It may be tedious, but it is important to have a comprehensive list of leads that most match your target audience.

2. Add value
Your direct-mail marketing promotions should include an incentive for a potential customer.  It is recommended that your direct mail promotes a sale, rebate, or other bonus.  Give your audience a reason to purchase now, so make sure your offer is time sensitive, unique and big enough to provide a great value to your customers. 

3. Look great on paper
Be creative in the design of your direct mail piece.  If you need help with creating a design, hire a graphic designer. A professional design will be worth the investment to an effective direct mail piece.

4. Use a great printer
Find a printer with a reputation for quality and customer service, and order a sample kit. 

5. Let your printer do the mailing
You might consider the help of a printing company that specialized in direct-mail marketing materials. You can save extra costs by having the materials shipped from the printer. A good printing company is knowledgeable in printing regulations and postage pricing, so they can get you the best deal possible on bulk mailings.

6. Write effective copy
Great promotional copy identifies with the target audience through features and benefits. You must also motivate a potential client through a call to action. 

7. Choose the right medium
Choosing the right medium for your message is as important as the message itself.  Choose colors and glossy paper materials to help them stand out from the crowd.