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Present Your Company With Professional Custom Letterhead
Professional Custom Designed letterhead can give the best first impression of your company.  It might be the first impression a new/potential client makes of your business.  If your company uses letterhead every day or for important documents or mailings, you should be using professionally printed custom letterhead. If your business uses direct mailings, the letterhead must strongly convey your business logo and contact information clearly.  The Print Source will print your company letterhead on 70lb uncoated opaque text paper that makes each letter you send seem special. It’s twice the weight of copier paper, but it measures the standard 8.5” x 11” letter size and is compatible with laser or inkjet printers. 
You can use color on both sides of our professional print letterhead, so you can incorporate your color logo into your design. Color letterhead always stands out and makes for a premium presentation.

Some Tips in Your Letterhead Design:

1. Make sure to include your company logo (retaining its original colors).  Make sure that your top design/logo does not overpower the letterhead’s vital information.

2. Be sure to include important contact information such as fax number, phone numbers, and other contact information for your business.

3. Possibly consider using footer to your letterhead design.  It will allow breaking up your contact information and company logo.