Business Card Printer Newnan Printing Solutions

Business cards are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid.  A business card typically includes the company's name, a logo, and vital contact information such as a street address, telephone number, fax number , e-mail address and website.  Some now include social media addresses such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.  

Business cards are an excellent marketing tool to promote your business.  It is very important that your business card not only includes the essential information.  Business cards are the best way to get the name of your company and contact information out to your target audience.  Consider a business card as a great addition to direct mail pieces.

It is important that your printed business cards look professional and appealing.  We recommend that you make your logo prominent and the font be easily read.

The Print Source can help you with that, by providing high-resolution color in your company’s logo.  We can take your business card information from a PDF file.

Some tips to designing your business card:

  1. Make sure the text is not too small.
  2. Keep your design simple.  Don’t choose fonts that are not easy to read in your text.
  3. The size of your business card should be 3 ½”  X  2”.
  4. The resolution of your business card should be 300 DPI for the best printing resolution.